How To Plan

Planning a safari can be tricky – there is so much on offer, sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. We hope that our expertise will help you in that all-important planning process. We will guide you from your first inquiry through to the conclusion of your safari. During the process, we will work with you to weave elements that interest you into the tapestry of your safari.

All of our itineraries will take you through incredible wildlife and wilderness areas, as well as offering chances to hike, bird-watch, cycle, visit historical and archaeological sites, spend time with local people, fly camping, high-altitude fly-fishing, helicopter excursions, lake fishing, mountaineering, walking with camels or riding horses to name but a few! Once we start planning, you will see that the possibilities are practically endless

When should we begin planning our safari?

It is best to begin planning well in advance, possibly up to a year or more if you wish to book during peak holiday times.

Early booking ensures the availability of the best guides, and space at the best camps and lodges. Please specify the number of people in your party and any other details of personal importance, as well as your preferred dates. We will then send you a proposed itinerary for you to look over. This is the start of an exciting planning process.

What is the right age to bring children on safari?

Many of the family safaris we have arranged have been with children aged six and over, though we have occasionally had younger children on very successful safaris.

The most important thing to remember is that we can cater to your family's needs and will do whatever we can to make your safari unforgettable. We have found that children aged seven and over are more likely to remember the experience.

What is the ideal group size?

We only organise safaris for private groups.

We have sometimes taken just one person travelling alone and recently we hosted a group of 60 people! Most of the time, however, we take families and their friends on safari in groups of four to 16. We love having children on safari, and our itineraries include diverse activities appropriate for people of all ages.

When is the best time of year to visit?

There is no best time of year for a safari.

Africa’s geographical diversity and range in latitude means its climate is varied. The busiest seasons, mainly due to school vacations and holiday times, are over Christmas and New Year, and from the beginning of June to the end of August.

What should we bring on safari?

As pre-safari correspondence begins, we will send you information that will assist you in packing and preparing for your safari.

Materials will include suggestions on what clothes to bring (keeping in mind that laundry in most camps is a free and daily service), recommended baggage, advice on photographic equipment, binoculars, information about visas and health issues, and suggested reading material about Africa.

Other Preparations/Special requests

We are happy to do what we can to accommodate any unique dietary, medical or personal requirements you may have, to ensure that your safari is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.