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Lowis & Leakey is a dynamic African safari company founded by Ninian Lowis and his wife Lara Leakey. We are based in Kenya, where Lara and Ninian’s families have been involved in exploration and safaris since the late 19th century.

Ninian is a professional guide who has over 30 years of experience leading safaris throughout Africa. Lara runs our office and manages the safari logistics as well as the day to day business of the safaris. Both Ninian and Lara delight in sharing their passion for Africa’s people, wildlife and wild places with our guests. Africa is immense, about three times the size of the United States, with an incredible diversity to match its scale. One can watch whales and penguins on the southern-most tip of the continent or walk through magical forests, snowcapped mountains and vast deserts to the north: in between there are inexhaustible riches of culture, history, wilderness and wildlife. When not on safari with guests, Lara and Ninian spend time on safari with their family exploring new areas always searching for remarkable destinations to share with our guests.

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Safari Diaries

The best way to show what we do is through the lens of our trips. Below are photo diaries of recent adventures: